Up down up down up down

It was a night of very interrupted sleep. I think I was up 5 or 6 times…which is great for dreaming! However, I forgot most of what happened between those moments of interrupted sleepy time freedom. Here are the notes that wrote after fully waking, and finishing a shower: Woke up about 5 times – … Continue reading

Night full of crashes, and long hair

As I mentioned yesterday, I started a dream journal. I am not so much interested in delving into the meanings of my specific dreams. My goal, instead, is to learn to recognize the dream state and become more conscious and controlling of the state. As this blog is about my personal journey through the Life … Continue reading

Dream Journal

I think I am going to start a dream journal. I’ve been blessed with a few, and very far between, random lucid dreams. Never really explored the possibility of actively working to more fully access the dream world, but a recent post by a friend of mine got me thinking of it again. This is … Continue reading

Where were you the day the world ended?

Where were you the day the world ended? I was sitting on a cliff, feet hanging freely, overlooking the great watery expanse of the world in front of me. This day was no surprise, the news outlets had been reporting on it for weeks. Riots here and there, protesters protesting the protesters that were protesting … Continue reading

Forming roots

I took quite a bit of a break from blogging and worked to re-adjust my focuses in life. Lots of changes, new beginnings, paths changed, and realizations made. I am hoping to get back to writing. Thank you to all those who have visited the site during this hiatus.

Ever After

Walk away all you people searching Contemplating ideas and emotions Brought forth in a euphoric and convalescent state Ignoring truths and realities substitute Mind expansion and alternate existence Stop rewind reverse into another dimension Expansion through limitless possibility Ingrained in the subconscious And unconscious ever after

Be Present in Peace

There can be no peace, while we are ruled by fear There can be no peace, when we lead with an iron fist There can be no peace, when we place ego and materialism over basic human needs It is time to rise up and take control of our own destiny It is time to … Continue reading

The Passage…

As I patiently wait for my new Boy Hits Car cd to arrive, it is time to relive the teachings of the third studio album, “The Passage” The following content was written by Cregg Rondell It had been a while now; you know how it gets when the days begin to absorb one another, and … Continue reading


In honor of today’s release of the new Boy Hits Car album, Stealing Fire, I thought it only fitting to post the words that accompany their previous albums, as these words have served as a great inspiration to my own life. The following was written by Cregg Rondell and accompanied their Self Titled album – … Continue reading

Hope – The Key to Overcoming the Constraints of Life

Finding yourself and being true to the self is a journey each individual must travel and navigate on their own. LifeonHigh is here to help create a framework to help with this navigation, but each individual must choose their own degree of travel. Although a fully enlightened society would remove all the issues we currently … Continue reading